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We provide anti-bacterial & anti-viral testing and fogging services throughout Northern

Deep Cleaning

Surface Sanitisation

Do you need an effective way to keep your business protected from viruses?

We provide a safe, controlled and highly effective biological decontamination and infection control service for workplace disinfection and infection prevention. Our two-step process delivers innovative electronically charged sanitisation against all known viral and bacterial threats, protecting employees, limiting transmission and minimising business disruption.

 Our 2-step process ensures your business can reduce infection and help stop the spread of viruses.


Surfaceskins                       £100 each
Biological Swabs               £10 per swab tested
Covid-19 Swabs               £90 per swab tested
Full Deep Clean               Price Subject to Survey Min. Charge £150.
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Step 1: Touch Point Surface Sanitisation

We will thoroughly sanitise and disinfect your high traffic areas and communal touch points:

  • Wiping of all touch points including switches, door handles, taps, toilet handles, phone receivers, trollies, keypads, handrails etc
  • Spraying of hard floors & carpeted areas
  • Our sanitisation process breaks down viruses & leaves residual protection. It is also safe for food surfaces in catering premises.

Step 2: Fogging

If the coronavirus has entered your building, we offer a fogging process to fully decontaminate the area.
What is fogging?
Disinfecting areas and cleaning surfaces has never been so prominent in our everyday lives and businesses. We are always searching for better ways to eliminate germs and bacteria with little to no contact with contaminated surfaces and chemicals.The traditional way to wipe away germs and nasties is by practising simple cleaning, but what is we told you there was an even better way to eliminate harmful bacteria with absolutely no contact? Say hello to fogging.

Chemical disinfectants have been added to production areas as fog or mists regularly as a method to decontaminate a larger area and space much more quickly and efficiently in the workplace.

It’s particularly popular in areas of the food industry and has become a routine practise for many businesses to control cross contamination as well as keeping staff and customers safe.The benefits of fogging a large production actively helps to reduce the numbers of airborne microorganisms and disinfect surfaces that may be difficult to reach and need more care when it comes to eliminating germs.

The benefits of fogging are endless, it is carried out by using a static system in an area of a factory, office or hotel room with purposely placed nozzles to target areas and hard to reach surfaces in half the time it would take to clean them in the usual way.The fogger will disperse the disinfectant evenly in the preferred room and it effectively targets the air as well, leaving no room for germs to go unnoticed and eliminated.

Fogging is extremely effective at reducing airborne microbial populations by two to three log orders in 30 to 60 minutes. It kills surface bacteria in 60 minutes.The benefits of our decontamination and infection control procedures is that they are suitable for ALL businesses, no matter how large or small, including:

  • Occupied and vacant properties (offices, schools, colleges, commercial & public buildings)
  • Industrial & food production settings (water treatment and food production areas)
  • Construction environments (cabins, washrooms, canteens and rest areas)
  • Vehicles (cars, vans, public transport and aircraft)

Risky Surfaces

COVID19 has turned everyone's world upside down and completely rocked the our economies. This very virus is the reason millions have had to go into various lockdowns, with the end still no where in sight. Although it's a scary time for many and most will know someone who has suffered from the virus, at least we now understand where it's most common hiding places are and how to keep ourselves safe from infection. Below is a list of surfaces the virus can live on for a number of hours or days, depending on the environment.


In a recent study, it was discovered that COVID can remain active on various kinds of surfaces within a controlled laboratory setting. COVID was still detectable on cardboard for up to 24 hours. This means that if there is porous material, it's likely to house COVID for a 24 hour period, this includes material such as fabric and paper as well.

Plastic, stainless steel and counter tops

It's been discovered that COVID can survive on plastic, stainless steel and countertops as an infectious virus for up to three days, which means sanitisation is key to killing the germs and transferring them from object to ourselves. This means these material are the biggest threat as they hold the virus for the longest amount of time. These kinds of materials include children's play equipment, public transport handles and your mobile phone. We need to keep these objects clean and safe.


The very reason supermarkets and shops are encouraging contactless payments is because copper, our coins, are germ havens! In a recent study, it was found that active particles of COVID lasted up to four hours on copper, which means the practise of contactless payments is so important!


When we cough, we produce 3,000 droplets that come into contact with anything in our way. COVID can remain active and possibly infectious for three hours in airborne droplets, This is the easiest way for COVID to pass from human to human as we are constantly around other people who are possibly contagious. These droplets also fall onto surfaces, and if we then touch these surfaces, we can easily become infected.

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